Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Dialogue About the Problem of Overpopulation Essays

Dialogue About the Problem of Overpopulation Essays Dialogue About the Problem of Overpopulation Paper Dialogue About the Problem of Overpopulation Paper Martin: Well, Marina, yes, basically do think overpopulation is a serious problem, maybe not in Macedonia, but in some other countries in the world, like China, it is one of the major state issues. Vive read that there are laws which limit the number of kids for one family to have. And what is your opinion? Marina: I disagree. I dont think overpopulation is such a serious issue, as long as there is a solution for it. And I dont think that kind of laws should be allowed, one reason is that they are not humane. Maybe they should have come up with some other idea how to get over it. Martin: Youre right about this. Im thinking about a world without borders, so anyone can live where he wants, and then, the issue of overpopulation will be dialed with. There wont be limitations where people can live, so I believe there wont be overcrowded cities, or Marina: I believe it will be Thats the real reason why there is overpopulation. Everyone wants to live in the big cities, so they would finitely become overcrowded. Maybe, the government should promote the rural communities, with giving benefits, such as low-price houses, available jobs with good salary.. Martin: Well that is a good idea. That way many people will take the chance, and move to the countryside, and with that lower the overpopulation in the industrial cities. Plus, they can enjoy the unpolluted air and earth. Marina: Finally, we came to mutual understanding how to get rid of this problem. Now we just have to recommend this option to the authorities.

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