Thursday, September 12, 2019

Describe three commonalities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Describe three commonalities - Essay Example The three sources portray professional educators as capable of influencing student behaviour and learning outcomes. Educators prepare students to become responsible people in the future. They empower them with skills such as effective communication and critical thinking (Conceptual Framework, 2015). Educators embrace the social needs of different students by showing respect to issues like culture. They prepare students to work in distinct settings. Educators should influence their students positively from both academic and personal perspectives (Professional Dispositions of Learners, 2015). Special educators create a positive impact on the lives of individuals with exceptionality by treating them fairly, helping them achieve academic excellence and implementing behaviour change disciplinary measures (Special Education Professional Ethical Principles and Practice Standards, 2010). Effective education professionals  exhibit integrity and ethical behaviour. Professional teachers are well educated and skilled. Additionally, they display a high level of commitment and compassion in their line of duty (Conceptual Framework, 2015). Professional behaviour towards students, colleagues and families amongst others is influenced by dispositions. Dispositions are the ethical standards and values that educators uphold, and they significantly influence various student learning processes including motivation and achievement (P. D.L, 2015). Professional ethical standards for special educators emphasize that educators display professional competence by exercising respect, integrity and commitment when serving individuals with exceptionalities (S.E.P.E. P.P.S, 2010). The named commonalities are important to teachers and students because they establish a foundation for teaching practises. They provide effective guidelines that when adhered to can result in academic excellence. The

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