Sunday, September 1, 2019


To be or not to be That is the question Tiger, Tiger, burning bright Why, this is L Normyoutfit Anyone can do it You too can be a Poet See! Stars and Stripes Cloaca (ASSHOLE) and + Fortyfour keys to success! A bonus of+% for all future poets!!LSD & $$$ All men are equal Oh, how they pound away. Without a stop. FACIT cry l!! The Typewriter Revolution written by D. J. Enright in 1920 shows one perspective on how the typewriter was received when it made its debut. The poem's wit and applica bility to the seemingly unstoppable downward spiral of our language is entertaining. It is a very witty poem and many interpretations can be drawn for the meaning of this poem.In my opinion, Enright wrote this poem as a sort of Joke about how we all abbreviate and th m the more you see. It is an incredible work of art. Art is only as you perceive it. Just as a pic ture is worth a thousand words because so much meaning and beauty in different forms c n be taken away from it, this poem has the same thi ng. Interpretation and derivation of meaning comes from the individual. As a class, we could all come back with a different idea of the meaning because it is such an open e nded poem.It reminds me of the way I drew meaning from this one song. The chorus goes â€Å"Baby, it's Bam and I must be lonely†¦ Baby, I cant help but be scarred but the rains g onna wash away I believe it. † I used to draw meaning from the lyrics in a relationship sense of someone feeling alone at 3am but after I met Rob Thomas, the lead singer of the ban dl ame to find out he was really talking about his mother and how he would sit in bed confused and crying at 7 years old while his mom was puking from chemo.Such a si mple two line chorus can have so many interpretations in this expansive ordeal that is the english language that it blows me away when I try to derive meaning from a poem like this on e that is made to have a cornucopia of meaning hiding, waiting to be found amongst the bla ck ink fro m Enright's Swedish Maid. many meanings that can be derived from one thing. The more you look into this poe â€Å"Baby, it's 3am and I must be lonely.

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