Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Canvas of War :: essays research papers

The Canvas of War exhibit exemplifies the various sides of life during the war. The layout of the works alone was very effective in the sense that one led into the next as you moved along looking at them. The styles implemented range from a stylistic approach, mainly surreal in nature, and many were highly detailed realistic paintings. The paintings themselves speak volumes for the hardships the soldiers faced as well as the hardships of life for those at home trying to make ends meet while their family members were out fighting. It was a very difficult time for many, and the exhibit communicates this very well to the public, especially the younger generation which are not too familiar with the past history of war. The First World War images of battle, hospital corps, heroic portraits and gathering soldiers take the visitor through the confused emotions of life in wartime. One image that truly has expression to it in my opinion is that of Ablain-St. Nazaire by J.W. Beatty. It depict s a war torn land with dead and broken trees, only their stumps remaining. In the distant background there is a church which has also been destroyed during the war. The destruction of the church is symbolic of religion being tossed aside during war, a time were instinct is your only chance of survival. The painting uses very cool colours which gives a sense of relief to the viewer. It signifies that its all over, and the green grass and shrubs that are now growing symbolize a new life or rebirth. After a war is over most people have to start at square one again, which is what this image shows, so for that reason I believe it is truly effective.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Through examining the various artworks in this exhibit I have found many styles never known to me in the past. Through looking at the paintings I begin to realize that the artists that created these images are also the heroes in the sense that they risked their lives in the heat of battle, all in an attempt to illustrate what was happening. I can only imagine how many innocent artists lost their lives as well in the process.

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