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The Practice of Discipline   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Certain challenges in life can be described as being inevitable. Nearly everyone must face such typical events throughout the course of their life where surpassing a particular challenge is a sign of growth and experience, and, having been dealt with, such a trial is not expected to arise again. Most individuals in our society are familiar with such periods in their lives where they were made to begin walking as infants, coached into learning how to ride a bicycle later on, encouraged to start driving a car during the teenage years, earned a high school and/or college degree, etc. Such challenges and ordeals are expected. They are perceived as being completely natural and acceptable. Society encourages the pursuit of them and rewards their conquering. Many of us, however, face challenges of a different sort in our lives. These challenges stem from decisions made by the individual, not by society or its norms. In fact, the very reason why such a decision quite ofte n sets challenges ahead for the individual who makes it is due to the fact that it goes completely against societal expectations. The initial conscious decision to go against the grain and not fall into line often sets the stage for a slue of hardships and tribulations, and, chances are it will result in a life-long battle to maintain devotion. I made such a decision.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Around the age of 17, I began to notice that my belief system was becoming increasingly opposed to that of my peers, my family, and even some good friends. For the first time, I began thinking about what I truly believed in and about the direction in which I was headed. One would be hard pressed to find an individual who has not experienced distress over such thoughts. At one time or another, pressure from these or similar thoughts will plague just about everyone during their lives, especially throughout the teen years. The differences in the individual will be shown and defined through the kind of choices that are made during such a period. At that point, when the questions concerning my identity first came into play, I was not much different from the average adolescent. However, when I began to ponder precisely how and what I felt about many pressing issues in my life, I noticed my opinions were quite contrary to those expressed by most people a... ...e I know where I stand is where others will fall. Unfortunately, standing up for one’s beliefs can, at times, bring about instances of very open physical aggression from those who are in opposition of that individual. I witnessed this first hand on a night when I was approached by a fellow student while exiting my dorm hall at school. He had noticed the X’s on my hands, a prominent symbol and show of expression in the Straightedge community. The interaction began when the young man—who, ironically enough, was intoxicated at the time—proceeded to pin me against a wall and scream in my face which was quickly followed by some hateful words expressing his contempt for the Straightedge lifestyle and an invitation to engage in a fight. During, and directly following, the event, I was in a total state of shock, for I was not used to opposition quite that extreme. Though seemingly ridiculous and unfair at the time, this experience was indeed a wake up call tha t helped to reiterate the fact that my decision to go against the norm is not, and never will be, an easy task.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The main purpose here is to educate. By using examples and sharing I hope to help others.

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