Wednesday, October 2, 2019

My Philosophy :: School Education Teaching Essays

My Philosophy I believe that there is not one philosophy of education that fully characterizes my views; however, the one that characterizes my view the most is functionalism. I like functionalism because it stresses an importance of schools to provide an equal opportunity for all children to learn in order to be successful. I agree with the instruction of the class being based on student interest, ability, and needs. As a teacher, I want my classroom to be like a second home. I feel that this may be achieved by allowing student involvement. The students should make choices concerning classroom rules, regulations, and opinions on subject matters in which to be studied. By allowing the students to participate in these important aspects of education, I believe the class will be better behaved. I do not believe that the teacher should make all the decisions without consulting the students. I agree with four theories of Rousseau as follows: 1. We need to set up environment, to create a desire for learning 2. The learning environment is very important 3. Let the children think they are in control, but actually you control the environment 4. Children should be happy A school should have a warm, friendly atmosphere where the students can feel comfortable. To make the environment welcoming and comfortable, I would make the classroom look both curious and fun. The walls would be colorful and have many educational pictures, which would give hints to what will be studied, just to let their imagination run wild. The bookshelf should be large and full. I believe that the students should not be persuaded to particular points of view. Each individual student should be treated as an individual mind. They should be encouraged to have their own view point of views and not be afraid to show their feelings and opinions, and I want my students to be open minded to others feelings and opinions. They should also not be afraid to ask questions. The second philosophy I find compatible is progressivism. I like progressivism because it is based on a democratic society; which means that teachers and students work together. When they work together, every student has the opportunity to learn the same as every other student. As a teacher, one of my goals will be to make learning exciting.

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