Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Strategic management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Strategic management - Essay Example This paper shall analyze this article in terms of its structure, content accuracy and noteworthiness. Ty McMahan begins by highlighting the turning point towards the enhanced implementation of strategic management in the firm that came with the appointment of Michael Skarzynski as King Pin at Arbitron earlier this year. The content of the article finds its root in a rather vague introduction to the subject; one that can very easily be perceived differently by different readers. It proceeds to elaborate upon the numerous ventures that Arbitron chose to take a go at in light of the improved strategic management of its investment funds and the eventual outcomes to which they led. The article is quite accurate as Ty McMahan notes that not only is a higher degree of investment a part of this improved strategic management policy but also the acquisition of companies that could assist Arbitron in doing so. However, even though the author has highlighted how the redefinition of the implementation of strategic management in the firm has allowed it to bring about a higher and more accurate read out on the return on investment made towards marketing through television advertisements, there is a certain degree of noteworthiness that the article could do with since the author has spent most of the time merely f orwarding the opinions that have been expressed by other experts in the field rather than coming to a conclusion by himself in the end. However, the content of the article is a success in the fact that we can surmise from it that strategic management is an element that firm’s exercise in particular in matters where the firm’s center of stability is concerned. It is used as an instrument to ensure that no decision or measure is taken without keeping the long term consequences in perspective. McMahan, Ty. Arbitron, Looking To Make Strategic Investments, Takes Page

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