Friday, October 4, 2019

Reading log (summary+respond) Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reading log (summary+respond) - Article Example While calling shat a chat as a â€Å"Jet Set†, the author gives example of an American talking to a man from Middle East, which details the body language and postural adjustment of the two while each one retreats sometimes and takes a step forward the other times, during such conversation. Davis feels that engaging an interpreter will not solve the problem, as the person may not be able to translate the body language. The article signifies that same conversation can carry different meaning when the two people engaged in same are from different cultures, earth zones or gender. An example of interpreting the conversation would mean many Arabs liking to remain within a breath’s distance from each other as they aim at building close elations. However, Americans would like to maintain a space of at-least 18 inches when doing so. Davis has rightly pointed to the importance of interpreting the distance and space maintained by two people as they converse with each other. For example, Arabs find it useful and result-oriented if they are at a â€Å"spitting distance† with their listener, as they are able to build stronger relations with each other in this manner. On the other hand, such gesture would prove repelling for Americans, who may think it as an intrusion into their privacy.(Gardner) Gardner.S, â€Å"New Directions: Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking†, goggle books, nd, web, 3 March 2015:

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